>I’m tired.

>I’m in a weird place today. I find that my fuse is shorter than usual, that some people around me are more obnoxious than usual and that I could really use a nap.

We don’t have anything pressing that just has to get done but, it does seem like we’ve been uber busy every weekend for the last month. Family is coming into town this weekend (which I’m totally jazzed about!) but, the next weekend I’m staying in my pajamas for both days…in my dreams…right?

I haven’t slept very well this week…

I’d really like a giant piece of cheese cake…but I know the calorie count and the thought of all those calories makes me sad. So, I’ll have a fiber one bar instead. Side note: Fiber one bars taste pretty good but are so incredibly chewy my jaw aches after I eat one.

I can’t wait to do the final touches to the baby room so I can show you guys the finished-for now project.

No, I’m not a PMS riddled crazy person…I think I have hump day depression.


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