>Here Kitty Kitty!

>Melissa has been curious as to why our cat Orion was at the pound to begin with. When they spotted each other at the pound Orion started rubbing himself on the bars of his cage and purring – it was love at first site.

He is a little mischievous – he liked to destroy loaves of bread (he would knead it…ironic I know…) and then leave it so the dog can find it. We learned the bread lesson pretty quickly and got a bread box. He meows when Melissa leaves everyday, he meows to tell say “Yo, my bowl is empty and it’s not going to refill itself!” and he meows at his prey (i.e. any bug that is dumb enough to cross our threshold).

Overall he is a pretty good cat. He knows how to use his scratching post and his litter box, and has since she brought him home. He will even willingly allows us to clip his nails, he actually purrs the entire time.

However, Orion has been a little odd lately. He has abandoned his standard mischievous ways when it comes to the baby stuff. He hasn’t even gotten back in the baby bed since I caught him the first time! He has snuggled and loved on, not only Mel but EVEN ME! (I think he may be getting over the fact that I’m a dog person and I might love Boston more…)

So, Mel has a new theory she thinks that he fears the baby stuff. Maybe the family he was with before he escaped or who ditched him at the pound, must have had a baby. I guess this is a strong possibility – maybe they had a baby with a cat allergy?

Regardless – I hope his good behavior continues! 🙂

He likes to make his presence known.

He’s a reader.
He patiently waits for me to write this blog about him.

His patience ran out and he passed out.

Now, he’s pissed and has turned his back on me because he hasn’t gotten any attention!

Update: Last night I assembled the bassinet (that we will use in our room for the first few weeks) and Orion went over and sniffed it – I was armed with my canned air and ready for combat and he WALKED AWAY FROM IT and never looked back!

Update #2: 5/18/10 – Old Orion has returned. He’s back to being a little ass and making me wish we didn’t have a cat.


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