>A Rose is just a Rose…

>Now that we’ve picked a name (or so I think…Melissa does like to change her mind) I like to practice it – you know to make SURE I like it! I want to hear it and see it and make sure I don’t HATE IT!

I like to doodle it.

I like to type it.

When the baby kicks Mel I like to use her full name like she’s in trouble and tell her not to kick her mommy because it’s not nice.

I think I’m going to start putting our name in at restaurants as the babies name to make sure I like how other people say it! (No, Michelle you are not invited to dinner!)

I know many of you are totally miffed that you don’t get to know but trust me; it’s just as hard for me not to tell you…oh the things you do for love.


5 thoughts on “>A Rose is just a Rose…

  1. >Note to self…go dumpster diving and piece together shredded / burned doodles…then sell to the highest bidder on facebook. That will definitely be Mel's mom. hahaha How much do you think I could get?

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