>Before the Stork

>I’m really excited that we have the 4d ultrasound at the end of this month. I can’t wait to take another peak and see how much Little Miss Cotton has changed and how much she has grown!

We’ve been to Before the Stork previously to watch a 4d ultrasound. It’s nice – there is a big sectional couch and a huge screen for your friends and family to watch the ultrasound on and a bed and chair for the parents behind everyone. I’m a little bummed that the two people who insisted we do the ultrasound can’t make it – but, such is life (especially adult life!), we will have lots of images for the baby book and to show all of Little Miss Cotton’s fans!

Mel’s BFF is coming into town from San Francisco for the viewing party (as I like to call it in my head) and we may even go to the Magic Castle! (I can hear Laura’s jealousy all the way from South Korea.) Melissa’s sister (and family?) is also coming down to take a look at her favorite (I’m just putting that out there) niece!

Slow week here on the Cotton home front.


4 thoughts on “>Before the Stork

  1. >I feel so guilty we aren't going to be there. IDIOT IDIOT!!! (smacking myself in the forehead) You will be so glad you did it! I will be thinking about you both and Baby Cotton! I wanna see it as soon as I land.

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