>Extra Credit

>Because I work for a university I get to take classes for free. So, in turn I’m getting another bachelors, this time in Sociology. So, because I’m so logical and want do this as quickly as possible I’m taking two science classes…wait that’s not logical at all. Anyway, I’m taking Earthquakes and California Tectonics and Human Nutrition.

Every week or so we have extra credit (yes, even college level classes give extra credit!) and this weeks extra credit was not only easy, but it gave me the chance to do something helpful to other.

Did you know that a child dies every 6 seconds from hunger related issues? That’s heartbreaking. So, this weeks extra credit assignment was to go to www.freerice.com and play the game. The great part is that for every correct answer 10 grains of rice will be donated to the international hunger crisis. So, I encourage you to check out the free rice site and make a difference today, I did and I will continue to do so! Not only did I do something good but I learned some new words too!

I know 10 grains of rice may seem like a small amount, it is important to remember that while you are playing, so are thousands of other people. It is everyone together that makes the difference


4 thoughts on “>Extra Credit

  1. >Way to go Melissa ——-If you are having company that will want to see the nursery you better get it finished but forget about hanging her name up until after they leave.,

  2. >So that's why you watched me like a vulture when I came over last time. Wanted to make sure I didn't rifle through Little Miss Cotton's things and find those elusive letters! Muahahahah! There's always next time 🙂

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