>98 bottles of…wait

>There are only 100 days until Melissa’s due date! I know what you’re thinking – that seems like a lot of days but oh contraire, we’ve come a long way since December when we found out we were going to be Mommies! 100 days seems like nothing compared to the 280 days we started with!

Baby Cotton has had a very busy week (considering it’s only her 25th…) The structures of the spine – 33 rings, 150 joints and 1000 ligaments – begin to form. The blood vessels of the lungs are developing and her nostrils are beginning to open.

On a different note I’ve got questions that need answers. Why is it we lose weight in the order we do? I think I may have lost all 50 lbs in MY FEET. I slipped my foot into my work shoes this morning and my poor foot was swimming! (note to self, go find new shoes…) My rings are almost too big and I seriously don’t want to go bra shopping. Hello Body, I have plenty of pants and shirts in smaller sizes – how bout we focus on losing a few pounds in those areas???


4 thoughts on “>98 bottles of…wait

  1. >I don't know why you're losing it in your feet and hands but I've always understood that we gain from the bottom up and lose from the top down. Which makes losing weight frustrating since we lose it from the places we usually least need to lose it from.

  2. >But you are losing! That's all that matters. It will eventually work it's way to all those other places. I'm sure there is some scientific reason. What are you doing to lose it? I've been eating better and working out. I found a great dvd that's only 20 minutes and I can do daily. This helps me a LOT. But honey, you better get busy b/c in 100 days losing weight will be the last thing on your mind! I will say that you two will be so busy that you won't have much time to eat anyway.. or shower, or brush your teeth.. lol Or any of those other normal people things you do now. 😉

  3. >lol, well my skinny feet still have to carry my fat ass for a few more months!I had lap-band in December – 50 lbs since December 1st….but many many more to go…maybe forgetting to eat will push the progress along!

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