>Spending my lottery winnings…

>Yesterday my co-workers and I said we were going to get a bunch of lottery tickets and try to hit it big this week. (I think they said the drawing is on Friday).

So, last night while I was falling asleep I was mentally spending my winnings. Somewhere between college funds for our child, nieces, and nephews AND some elaborate tropical vacation – Christmas comes to mind.

I know what you’re thinking BEST CHRISTMAS EVER (Right Laura?)!! However, that’s not where my mind went. While I know winning millions of dollars would make life much easier and we could buy a real house with real yard, I couldn’t help but wonder if having so much money would make miss the little things. Which is where Christmas comes in to play. I LOVE everything about Christmas- the smell, putting up the decorations and decorating the tree, shopping for everyone, and even WRAPPING PRESENTS!! OF course, receiving gifts doesn’t hurt the euphoria that Christmas brings either. I love that I’m almost thirty and “Santa” still fills my stocking. I love Christmas even more than my birthday and I want Little Miss Cotton to feel the nostalgia for Christmas when she’s her momma’s age too!

While I know if we ever actually came into a large sum of money we (mostly Mel) would be sensible and hopefully keep the little things in tact but, that didn’t change the fact that I panicked at the thought of losing Christmas once I hypothetically won the lottery.

So, fingers crossed people – now that I know I have to save Christmas, winning the lottery is OK!

Oh my imagination runs so wild.

I read yesterday that some Chinese billionaire gave every cent of his 1.2 BILLION dollar fortune to charity AND his children are totally OK with getting nothing!

Mom, in the off chance that you become a billionaire, please give me some before you save the world…please.


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