>Writers Block?

>It’s not that I’m experiencing writers block. It’s that I have nothing new to really share with you.

Painting is still underway. Sabrina has offered to come help (with no restrictions…).

Carolyn, I know you were willing to help too – but you said you were only available on Sundays and we were busy this Sunday – SORRY!!!

Melissa’s sister Amy, gave us a bunch of baby stuff they are no longer using this weekend. Melissa says it looks like a daycare exploded in our living room. There’s no way to put baby stuff in the semi-painted room especially, when there’s more paint to come. Michelle has some baby stuff they are no longer using too – but I have no where to put it until the little girls room reopens! The dog and the cat are very intrigued by all of the baby gear. They started off timidly sniffing and investigating …now the cat is in full blown “this looks cushy what can I lay on?” mode.

Melissa bought this t-shirt for Little Miss Cotton, she will wear it with pride…or else!

The question and answer is pool has been re-opened…let me know if you’ve got questions, cause I bet I’ve got answers!


3 thoughts on “>Writers Block?

  1. >You're correct the name has not been announced yet. However, Lisa is correct in saying we have yet to decide on a middle name. Melissa has one that she likes…I just can't get on board.

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