>I’m so dumb…

>Monday Morning 2010 – I hate mondays. This Monday especially sucks. Every muscle in my back and neck definately hurt. At least half of the muscles in my legs (from standing on my tip toes) and arms (from reaching over my head) hurt.


2001 – Bekah (my college roommate) and I decided we wanted to paint our dorm room and adjoining bathroom. Neither of us considered the cinder block walls or the major pain in the ass they would make painting these two small rooms. After that nightmare I vowed to never paint again. I HATE PAINTING.

2005 – Melissa and I move into our first apartment (without a roommate). We decide to paint the living room and dining room a nice beige color and the hall RED. My little brother was visiting and rolled paint in the living room and dining room like a freakin champion. Then, Mel and I were left to finish the project. I’m still seeing RED – it was so difficult to paint the little hall. And so I vowed to NEVER PAINT AGAIN. I HATE PAINTING.

2006 – We had some left over paint from when we moved in. I decided I wanted to paint my vanity. I never did finish. I hate paiting and of course vowed to never paint again.

On Saturday, I suggested that we go get the paint for Little Miss Cotton’s room.

Cue Conversation:

Dar: Wanna go to Lowes?
Mel: We arent hiring someone to paint?
Dar: It’ll be expensive.
Mel: But, how much are we really going to save?
Dar: I dont know…it’s a small room…I can do it. {famous last words}

So, we go to Lowes, I have an allergic reaction. Melissa tapes and I paint (with special low {something} that’s safe for pregnant woment).

Cue Conversation:

Dar: OMG I’m going to die.
Mel: I t o…
Dar: {flopping down on bed}DONT EVEN SAY YOU TOLD ME SO! I hate painting…I’m never doing it again. {cry}

I hate myself. I hate that I still have to do the second coat AND the damn ceiling trim. For crying outloud, I’ve lost 53 lbs, shouldnt I be more physically fit for manual labor?

Of course Michelle said she would come help but I would have to watch her kids. Like I had a drop of energy left for watching kids…I couldnt even hold my own head up.

I’m hoping the painting fairies will just come in and finish where I left off while I’m at work today.

I hate painting…I’m never doing it again.


5 thoughts on “>I’m so dumb…

  1. >The last time I painted it was my ceiling. I was SO sore… like for weeks. I had places in my body aching, they really don't have muscles. I always say my finger nails hurt after painting. I can't imaging why people choose to paint for a living. Go get a massage!

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