>Memories…SING IT WITH ME!

>This morning I was on the 5 FWY headed for work and I look in my review mirror and there was a little Smart Car. As soon as I saw the little spec in my mirror I was immediately flooded with a memory from what seems like a million years ago.

It was my freshmen year of college and my friend Kurt needed a ride, (the details of where to apparently aren’t important because I don’t remember) something was wrong with his car (I think it had a broken window…) and I’m an awesome friend (pats self on back).

So, my first car was a 1991 Ford Festiva- her name was Millie. Now, that I’m on my fourth car, I really wish I had pics of me in my first one…how will I ever explain/prove to Baby Cotton why she isn’t getting a brand new [insert best car of 2026] when she turns 16 if I can’t show her how her Momma got started? (When I was your age…)

I digress, so I pick Kurt up and I’m taking him to unknown location. We get onto the interstate, gain speed and suddenly Kurt is inching closer to the door, and holding onto the handle preparing to jump out.

Darcie: Umm, what are you doing?
Kurt: Maybe you should slow down…
Darcie: I’m doing the speed limit.
Kurt: Your car is so small…it makes me nervous.
Darcie: So, my car scares you? [hysterical laughter]

Ok, so yes it was small, and yes I was probably doing more than the speed limit. But lets face it that little car could haul ass and I drove it everyday so, it didn’t scare me. Sorry, Kurt. When I spotted that “Smart” car I immediately thought – no way in hell would I drive that thing.

Kurt, I know we don’t get to hang out much (mostly because I live west of the Mississippi and he lives East of the Mississippi) but, if you ever come visit I swear my car is much safer now!

Looking back I can’t believe I was allowed to have such a small car! Melissa started in a TRUCK, a big, safe truck. Maybe we should start saving for Baby Cotton’s tank?

I always hear people say “they grow up way too fast”… I hope I can remember as much about Baby Cotton when she’s little as I do about me growing up.


4 thoughts on “>Memories…SING IT WITH ME!

  1. >I completely forgot about that, but that was NOT a car! I had HotWheels bigger than that! I'll have you know though that I was not "preparing to jump out". I was "preparing for impact as the car was about rattle itself into many pieces across the interstate." I thought if I held the door, I might just ski on it safely to a stop.I'm glad you have a full grown car now. That one was picked before it was ripe or something.

  2. >Good point…I'm still thinking tank. I mean we've all seen the video of the guy who stole the tank and tried to destroy LA…I wonder how many MPG a tank gets…just sayin

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