>The Diaper Debacle…

>Melissa and I love the planet but, we aren’t very good at saving it. We get to the super market every Sunday and Melissa says “Doh, we forgot our cloth bags…”, we drink bottled water (not mass amounts…but we do…and we don’t recycle the bottles…I know – we should be ashamed), we use paper towels, on occasion paper plates, and I’ve been known to laminate a thing or two.

What I’m saying here is that I won’t be easily convinced to use anything other than standard/run of the mill diapers (with cute little cartoon characters on them) that can be tossed after used.

I’ve done some research and I’ve convinced myself even more I’m a disposable diaper kind of girl. Here’s what I’ve found…

Cloth diapers:

Doing it ourselves: This doesn’t even deserve to be talked about. We have the worlds tiniest washer and dryer in our apartment. I have no idea why Mel would even consider adding more laundry! I assume nasty/gross cloth diapers should be done every day – since they are in fact nasty and gross.
Diaper Service: The diaper service delivers clean cloth diapers once a week (and of course they take away the stinky ones!).

The Start up package(which includes NO diapers) $29.75 plus tax.

  • 1 Diaper Hamper with lid (Yay a lid!!!)
  • 3 Litewrap Diapercovers
  • 2 Deodorizor Discs (translation: these things are going to stink like you wouldn’t believe!)

You can get as few or as many diapers you want in a week (for a price of course) so I went with a middle ground. 50 cloth diapers per week (clean and delivered) is $17.50

So, it seems like a ton of work AND they are super bulky! Also, I would likely stab the baby with a giant diaper pin trying to get the diaper on her. (Look at the pic…it’s just crazy! And the contraption instead of pins is is even crazier!!)

I’m all for using cloth diapers…as burp cloths…

Melissa thought she might have a solution…(since I’m so not for cloth…)

She found G Diapers online. I can only assume the “G” stands for Green.

They are a brilliant idea. They are similar to cloth diapers but they have a flushable insert (yay no stinky cloth diapers sitting around waiting to be washed) . I realize that diapers in general are expensive but, I’ll likely always go the frugal route. Gdiapers have special new born diapers and once the child gets bigger require that you buy the shell (which comes in small, medium and large…so it’s not a one time cost) they are $17 each, of course you would need more than one, what if there was leakage? 128 of the “G” refills (I just called them Gfills in my head) runs around $58.00. So I would need 3 (MINIMUM) of the covers ($51) and then two or more packs of the Gfills per month?

So the price isn’t great and honestly the last thing I want to try and do is peel the insert out of an explosive diaper! It’s also a pretty hefty investment (with the little covers…) to try it and not like it. (Melissa would also like you to have this link to the G Diapers Website)

Pamper/Huggies/Costco Brand/AKA run of the mill
Name Brand: $49.00 (For 258 diapers)
Costco (Kirkland Brand): $40.00 (216 Diapers).

Costco does carry what they call “eco-friendly disposable diapers” that are $44 (for 176 diapers).

**Note** – All diaper pricing is for the smallest size available in each type.

I love mother earth and I realize that it takes a regular diaper 500 years to biodegrade (it takes G diapers 50-150 days…)but, I think Melissa forgets that my job pays much less (*hangs head in shame*) than the crappy one I got laid off from 1 1/2 years ago. It’s not likely she has forgotten…it’s probably on the forefront of her cute little brain as she tries to budget for childcare! (SIDE NOTE: The University did just announce 3% raises…so YAY!)

(BTW: I really love my new job in spite of it’s less than awesome pay and Melissa really loves that I’m happy when I come home! And I’m not just saying that because my coworkers will read this…)

By the way – when my siblings were little and I changed diapers there were no cute cartoon characters…i’m just saying…


2 thoughts on “>The Diaper Debacle…

  1. >Ok- here's the jist of the diaper duty; in the long run you will save tons. I think they pay for themselves within the first three months. HOWEVER there is no way I would have the time or energy to wash that much laundry. You will do TONS of laundry with a newborn, why add more. And at 3:00 in the am when she has a mess to clean I don't want to be wandering around looking for a clean diaper. The initial investment is hefty for cloth.I would probably have considered it more had I been a stay at home mom forever and not had to worry about another kid too. LOL Did you calculate the average spending on diapers for the duration your child will need them? It's shocking.

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