>Don’t wait…donate

>Two weeks ago we found out that Mel has gestational diabetes and two weeks ago many of you received an email asking for money.

Not money for me!
For our friend Kat who is going to be cycling in the Tour de Cure which benefits the American Diabetes Association and she is getting REALLY close to meeting her fund raising goal but could use a little more help! Thank you to those of you who already made contributions!

Now, i dont want to say that Kat is not athletic. However, her preferred sports are things like hula hooping, swing dancing, and baton twirling! So, she’s working really hard for this cause! (yes, she’s wearing a mustache and yes, she has better photos…but I love this one…so there!)

The American Diabetes Associations mission is: To prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.

Please check out Kat’s Tour de Cure (http://main.diabetes.org/goto/KatMcGhee) site and make a donation. Any amount will help her reach her goal AND it will help the American Diabetes Association AND it’s a tax write off. Time is of the essence so please donate TODAY!

Below is an account of Kat’s training session from this weekend…

Hello, all!
I am typing this from the soft comfort of my beloved bed. Why, you ask? So glad you did, because I’ll tell you! In fact, I haven’t moved from this bed in approximately five hours, since I’m pretty sure I’m now a paraplegic. You see, I just rode 25.5 miles today. On my bicycle, not on a motorized vehicle, which I really should have done (and then I’d have full use of all of my apendages). Oh, but you see, I live in San Francisco. This wasn’t just any 25 miles, oh no.
Please take a moment to take a look at the nice map I’ve so thoughtfully attached to this email. You see that yellow star, waaaaaay down at the bottom of the map?

That’s my house. See that red star, waaaaaay at the top of the map? That was our day’s destination. Normally, we’d strap the bikes to Byron’s bike rack, jump in his Audi, and 20 minutes later we’d be enjoying a nice 7 mile ride around Golden Gate Park with the other 25 million bikers that ride around the park on Sundays (Sundays are when the roads inside the park are closed to all motor vehicle traffic). However! This weekend, Byron’s beloved Audi would not start, and was towed to the mechanic to sit and wait for Monday morning. Of course, my brilliant idea of throwing our bikes on the bike racks the buses in this city so nicely provide us with and taking public transit to our destination was promptly vetoed in favor of…I can barely type it…RIDING OUR BIKES TO GOLDEN GATE PARK. Please take a moment now to once again look at the map, and notice the distance between the yellow star and the red star. Please also notice the GIANT FECKING HILL right in between those stars. Yeah, no, really.

Okay, so, I mean, there’s this nifty thing called The Wiggle in San Francisco. It’s a bike route that lets you go around that giant hill by using all of these side streets, some of which are really only created for bicycle traffic. Pretty cool, right? Well, let me just tell you that I live about 3.5 miles from the start of The Wiggle, which meant not only that we had to tackle some pretty decent hills, but also that we had to tackle potentially 3.5 miles of them. I will say that I only walked my bike up one of those hills (but it was REALLY fun riding down that hill). In my defense, I did ride up that hill on the way back (only stopping once to silently wish death upon myself so that I didn’t have to finish riding up that hill).
Anyway, so we’re troopers, we ride the 8 miles across the city, hills and all, to beautiful Golden Gate Park. The east end of Golden Gate Park. We are meeting our team mate (for our training ride. Yes, we did ride 8 miles just to GET to our training ride. Don’t worry, it gets better) at the west end of Golden Gate Park. Golden Gate Park’s entire loop is 7 miles. For those of you who aren’t math wizards, I’ll just tell you that it meant that, after 8 miles, we had another 3.5 miles to go before we could even START our training ride. At this point, I was hoping they’d make an exception on the park Sunday traffic rules, and just allow one little taxi cab in to pick me up and take me back home, or at least away from these crazy people.
So, we make it, and I refrain from collapsing on the grass in a heap as we wait for our teammate to unload her bike (I did, however, DEVOUR the Cliff Bar she brought for me). We then start our 7 mile training ride around the Golden Gate Park loop. There are a few small hills there too, and I’ve found that if I sing REALLY LOUDLY along with my iPod, the strange looks I get from small children distract me a little bit from the burning pain in my legs. Let’s just say that they were a lot of perplexed children in San Francisco this Sunday.
I would like to echo my former sentiment about the city of San Francisco. Whoever runs this place must be bonkers. The “Golden Gate Loop” isn’t really a loop, per se. It’s more shaped like a backwards “p”. When you get to the top, you can either turn around and go back, or you can go around the loop part…which starts off with a pretty decent hill. Byron, of course, is all for this (I really think he may have a touch of mental illness). Valerie, our teammate, is ambiguous. I am staunchly against this, as we still have 8 miles to go after we finish this ride to get home. Somehow, my vote is vetoed, and we hit the hill. By the time we get back to Valerie’s car, I abandoned my bike and jump on a packet of energy gel like I’m a starving fashion model and it was the last piece of celery at the photo shoot. As Valerie gets all packed up, I am unceremoniously informed that not only do we have to ride the 8 miles home, but to get there, we have to ride BACK to the west side of the park. Oh yes, another 3.5 miles. This, my friends, is when I realized my teammates were seriously planning to kill me.
Thankfully, we all made it home without much incident. I immediately dragged myself up to my third floor apartment (who decided THAT was a good idea?) and into the best shower of my life. There was some stretching, but I’m pretty sure this will not render me able to actually make my legs move on their own volition tomorrow morning. I should be fine by Saturday afternoon, which is our last training ride before the big day (two weeks from today, May 2nd!). Oh, and did I mention that it’s exactly 14 weeks from my half-marathon, so my training runs start in earnest tomorrow? Or that my roommate somehow convinced me to do the torture that is known as the Piccolo Fondo (look at THOSE hills) in October? But those are stories for another email on another day.

In the meantime, look lively, folks! My bum is aching despite my goofy padded shorts and my legs never want to see another bike pedal again, but I’m going to keep on keeping on for the grand finale in two shorts weeks! That means you have two short weeks to donate, and to send this to all your friends to get them to donate so we can find a cure for diabetes! (Also, when someone wants to start a fundraiser to find a cure for how ridiculous people look in bike helmets, please let me know and I’ll be happy to participate). You can donate here: http://main.diabetes.org/goto/KatMcGhee, or reply to this email. To all of you that have donated, and those of you that have expressed your support, thank you so much!


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