>Brought to you by the letter E

>Since we’ve picked new bedding (photos coming soon) we are able to paint, pick drawer pulls, and I can start getting her room in order!

I made my version of the letters I blogged about a few months ago. What do you guys think?

The pattern of every letter is different – each is a pattern that matches the bedding. (The letters came with a pack of wall decals).

The first 2 photos were taken with my phone so the colors look drab and dreary…the last 3 are a more accurate depiction of the actual colors!

This is when I realized the circles were way bigger than the letters…crap

So, I start frantically searching the kitchen for the right size circle to trace around the edge to make the circle/letter ratio more size appropriate… there were lots of fails before I found the hamburger press! (don’t worry, my hands do a better job at making burgers, so it never gets used – so glad I didn’t throw it out!)

These were my inspiration letters.
If you’re not a cheap ass like me you can purchase them (and other cute things) here.


9 thoughts on “>Brought to you by the letter E

  1. >great hun, now they are all going to know the name has the letter E in it. How are we ever going to keep it a secret now? LoL.. i had forgotten what they inspiration letters looked like.. I think you did a great job.

  2. >Dar the letter looks great. Mel I love your name selection! Optimus Primea suits little miss cotton so well. I guess you'll have to hide the other letters when I come over to paint / visit. ha ha.

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