>Bedding…Round 2

>Well, as many of you know I’m no longer a JC Penny online shopper because they led us to believe we could get the original bedding we wanted and alas it’s not available until mid – late summer.

So, Melissa and I went on an adventure to find new bedding this weekend. We searched EVERYWHERE (2 stores) through all of the available bedding (actually there was a lot…) in Orange County!

So, we headed to Babies R Us (geared for disappointment because we’ve been there 45 times since we found out we were going to be mommies!). We head to the back of the store, round the corner, and both said “EWWW Hummingbirds?”. We sat in the glider rockers and starred at the big wall of bedding hoping for some inspiration and low and behold our “EWWWs” turned to “AHHHs”. The brightly colored hummingbird bedding grew on us (and grew, and grew, and grew…). We even left BrU and went to Bergstroms (home of the amazing $900 Bugaboo stroller…drool) and dug through all of their selections, only to return to BrU to purchase the “Eww Hummingbirds?” bedding…

Keep in mind nothing is actually attached or arranged in a pretty manner we threw everything on to make sure we still went “ahh” when we got home and put it in her room.

Typically hummingbirds remind me of my grandmothers…but, like I said it grew on me!

My favorite part is the bright colored sheet!

Most of the colors photographed really well…except the orangey/yellowish boarder around the comforter it’s really more yellow than orange (Mel hates orange)

Update: A piece of the original Love Bird bedding arrived from JC Penny yesterday. Isnt it amazing how quickly they will ship something when you utter the words CANCEL ORDER.

Cue Conversation:

Mel: Hi I just received a piece of the order I called and canceled last week.
CSR: Really? We don’t even show that shipped.
Mel: Well, I have it and I don’t need it – I canceled because the expected ship date changed to June 15, and this is for a nursery, it’s time sensitive.
CSR: Well, I can give you a return shipping label for this and if anything else shows up just give us a call. We can’t cancel it because it doesn’t ship from us it ships from our provider.
Mel: Well, I ordered from JCP not from your provider so this is not my problem. I want it canceled and I do not want to have to deal with repackaging these items or taking them to be shipped
CSR: Let me get my supervisor.
Mel: Let’s just skip that step, we both know your supervisor doesnt have much more authority than you do…let me speak to someone in escalations.

Mel was actually very nice to the CSR (customer service rep) and told her she knew this wasnt her fault (which is probably more than I would have done). Apparently the escalations department ONLY works standard business hours…so we shall see what happens today.

I think what we’ve learned here is – Don’t piss off the pregnant girl.


2 thoughts on “>Bedding…Round 2

  1. Hi ,

    What is the name of this bedding . I have the matching wall decals and cannot find this bedding anywhere or if you know the maker ?

    Thanks !

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