>Mouse or Rat?

>Yesterday I went to a third birthday at Chuck E. Cheese, all alone. My usual suspects weren’t there and my spouse made it clear weeks ago she had no interest in going…so, I’m thanking my lucky stars for Rachael or I would have been really bored.

The birthday boy had the “privilege” of having his photo taken with Mr. Cheese – he was leaning as far away from the mouse/rat as possible. Most of the kids had the same reaction as the birthday boy, I saw more than one small child lay eyes on the mouse and haul-ass for their parents. Let’s be honest, a child’s Chuck E. Cheese experience has nothing to do with that rodent.

I’m not even anti-mouse. Mickey, Jerry, Fievel and Speedy Gonzalez, for example, are all cute and l have NO problems with them.

End of the evening conversation:

Dar: Savannah didn’t seem afraid of the mouse…or is he a rat?
Mel: He definitely looks more like a rat.
Dar: It’s crazy the print of Chuck E. Cheese on the invitation was really cute…you’re right he looks like a rat.
Mel: He’s definitely more along the lines of Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles than he is Fievel…

What does the “E” stand for anyway?


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