>Sugar Check…FAIL

>Since Melissa failed her glucose test and officially has gestational diabetes she now has to meet with a dietitian, track all food intake and check her blood sugar four times a day- before she eats breakfast and an hour after each meal.

So, she got the machine yesterday and when she got home she was showing me all the stuff.

It comes with a little needle revolver. Seriously, it has a barrel of 6 needs that spin like a revolver. There is also a container of test strips that you have to open and close really quickly because they are apparently photo sensitive. Finally there’s the machine. It all fits in a handy little pouch, that she basically has to carry everywhere.

So the evening started like this-

Mel drops the spindle of needles they fall into the crack of the couch, and to the floor. So, I lay on my stomach to see if I can get them from the front without moving the couch and I CANT!

So, I move the couch foward, shimmy in grab the spindle, and back out and my shirt get’s stuck on something…and I’m trapped.

I free myself from the death grip of the couch and sit down. I notice I have a huge gash on my stomach and 3 rips in my underwear (I had on pants, they were unbuttoned…don’t judge I was in my own living room!). WHAT THE HELL? Apparently there was (ok, IS I haven’t fixed it yet…) “giant” piece of metal sticking out of the couch…aren’t couches supposed to be cushy?

Finally Melissa cocks the needle gun stabs herself in the finger and puts her blood on the test strip…but there’s not enough blood. So, stabs another finger, puts her blood on the test strip AND THERE’S STILL NOT ENOUGH BLOOD! So, she gives up…

To recap, we are clumsy, injured, bleeding, ruining underwear, and not bleeding enough.

What a night…she tried again this morning, with success.


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