>The Tail of Two Puppies…

>Melissa got a really thoughtful package from her mom today. She got the 2010 version of her first Christmas gift – Le Mutt. Apparently Le Mutt started a family over the years because he has a niece and nephew.

Le Mutt – Melissa’s very first Christmas gift.
He currently resides on her nightstand!

Buster, Le Mutt’s nephew will be Little Miss Cottons very first Christmas gift!

For now, Buster and Le Mutt are best friends…on the pregnant girls nightstand!
(it’s rather adorable)

The package came with a nice letter (that’s now in the baby book) from Mel’s mom explaining how Melissa was only 12 days old on her first Christmas and money was tight back then but when she saw Le Mutt in May Co. she knew he had to be Mel’s!

Cue conversation:

Mel comes in from checking the mail and walking the dog.

Mel: Yep! From my mom!
Dar: {helps Mel open box…the tape defeated her}
Mel: Jerks out the contents and squeals “OH MY GOSH HE LOOKS LIKE LE MUTT!!!”

Dar: Awe!
Mel: Starts to cry…
Dar: starts to cry b/c Mel never cries. “Awe babe…you didnt even cry when we got married!”
Mel: I sort of cried…the next day…
Dar: Ummm just so you know…that’s not the equivalent of crying when we got married…
{Hilarity ensues…}

I’m pretty sure what I got out of that conversation was – she cried when she realized she married me…anyone?


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