>Operation CWK…

>Operation Crib Without Kitty is in full swing!

I went with pink balloons because everything in the room is so white!

UPDATE: Orion has yet to try and get in the crib. I must say…I’m a little disappointed. I know the balloons would scare the crap out of him and I was secretly hoping one would get stuck to him! ha ha dont judge me! He did try and squeeze his fat ass under the bed and failed…stay tuned


4 thoughts on “>Operation CWK…

  1. >for CWK another option if the balloons don't work is a ssscat. One of the most wonderful things ever. It's motion sensored and sprays air. My cats hate them and they work rather well. A little pricey to get started but worth every penny. They even work on small children (and they are great at Halloween).

  2. >Orion is sooooo afraid of canned air (I legitamately cleaned the computer and he hauled ass!)and let's hope the balloons work- $1.99 is the budget for this mission!!

  3. >ROFLAMO!!!! Can you set up a surveillance camera and post the video. Orion is a sneaky little shit and that would be great to see him pop a balloon trying to get in there. 🙂

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