>If we build it…she will come – Part Deux

>Well, we are still waiting on the replacement part for the changing table…so we have drawers and 30 pieces of said table. The baby bedding is supposed to ship today so we called JC Penny to get a status update because the online order still says “pending”.

Mel: Hi I wanted to know if my order shipped today.
JCP: It does show that today is the expected ship today.
Mel: Right, but has it actually shipped.
JCP: Well, it ships directly from the manufacturer and they wont notify us for a few days.
Mel: So you don’t know if it will ship today OR when it will actually ship?
JCP: No.
Mel: Well I’m concerned because when I view the item on your website it says it’s no longer available.
JCP: Well you would know by now if “they” were going to cancel it.
Mel: oh…ok…

Anyway – the bed arrived and it’s assembled.

By far the easiest piece of furniture we’ve ever assembled!

We are making progress…it’s looking VERY WHITE!
I promise as soon as the bedding comes we will pick paint!

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