>The things I read…

>Not that I want to lose any of of you to another blog but, I thought I would share with you guys the blogs I read everyday!

The Duck Flies
When Melissa and I first discussed having a baby this is the first blog I stumbled upon. I love it! I don’t personally know the author but blog land makes me feel like I do ha! This is the story of two moms and a baby. Maybe seeing other couples adventures makes going through ours easier. I throughly enjoy this one!

No Shoe Left Behind
This is my best friend Laura’s blog. She doesnt update it as often as I would like (hint hint) but it’s a good one! Take the journey with this spaced-out, clumsy, neurotic, and occassionally awesome southern belle and see if she can survive teaching english in South Korea!

The Spohrs are Multiplying
This one is a tear jerker. A mothers blog from just about conception, her daughter Madeline being born premature, and the loss of Madeline over a year later. The Spohrs recently had a baby girl, Annie! I wont lie this one is a hard read. It’s extremely emotional and beautiful all at the same time.

Darwin Has 2 Mommies
This was a referral from The Duck Flies blogger. Don’t panic! Darwin is the dog, not the baby! This is the story of two mommies and a preemie.
The Sassy Curmudgeon
I love this one! She’s sassy alright! She tells it how it is and says a lot of things others are too scared to put in writing! She’s not ashamed of her childhood unibrow and loves to give you the weekly re-cap of project runway!

Post Secret
Only has new posts on Sundays. I love post secret maybe one day I’ll send my own secret in! Get it all off my chest!
Cake Wrecks
Professional cakes gone wrong! (Except on Sundays – professional cakes done beautifully!)

HapPy 30th BirThdAy LauRa – my oldest and bestest friend in the whole wide world!!!!! (and by oldest I mean we’ve been friends longer than anyone else…not that you are OLD!)

Laura at our wedding in 2008! Miss you friend come home soon!!!

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