>I’ve never even been to Boston…

>It doesn’t take much to get me excited. We’ve had 37 birthdays in my department at work in the last 3 months (and by 37 I really mean 5…). So getting to decorate for everyone’s birthdays makes me happy!

We’ve been chugging along on preparing our baby girls nursery, which makes me happy! No, the bedding still hasn’t arrived. The crib is being delivered today…the bedding should ship on Thursday. If not, I think J C Penny will be getting a very “wordy” phone call.

We’re still milling through all the possibilities for a middle name…possibly more difficult than picking the first name. Once we have a decision THIS will make me HAPPY as well!

This morning I put on a button down shirt that I’ve always worn open with a tank under it and BUTTONED it all the way down! This makes me SUPER HAPPY!

Finally, the Red Sox smacked the Yankees in the face on Sunday in their home opener. Which makes me to do cart wheels. I was converted to being a Red Sox fan long before they broke the curse and when I learned they hated the Yankees as much as I did it was pretty much love at first sight!!! So, not only does the Red Sox winning make Darcie a happy girl…the Yankees losing makes me equally happy! Maybe we’ll make it to Boston (I type that with an accent…) one day for a game…until then I vow to get good seats when they come to Anaheim next season!

BTW – I’m thinking of recreating a cuter/girly version of this shirt…I think I’ll make a onesie instead! However, if you like it – buy it here!


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