>Here comes Darcie Cotton (tail)…

>Melissa has Spring Break next week…oh how I miss spring break! When I was in college I never really did anything springy or breaky…but I love it none the less! Last year we spent Melissa’s break in Arizona with her parents. It was nice, we did touristy stuff and relaxed AND that’s when my school offered me my job!!

My point is – I work for a school and I don’t get spring break (even though our students do!)…Melissa is a teacher and gets spring break and I’m super duper JEALOUS! Typically she has a list of honey-do’s to tackle when she has breaks and I’m “forced” to work…I guess making the pregnant girl assemble a dresser isn’t acceptable!

Which brings me to my next point – I have a room full of furniture that needs to be assembled (the crib still hasn’t arrived) so, I think that’s what I’ll be spending my weekend doing. Darcie = furniture assmebler! Melissa will be on her high carb diet in preparation for her glucose test on Monday.

Ahhh…Hoppy Easter all! I hope the bunny is good to you!


5 thoughts on “>Here comes Darcie Cotton (tail)…

  1. >If you go back to school and get your teaching credentials you can have your spring break also. But then again who really wants to be a teacher anymore?

  2. >BTW "People" – Melissa said my previous comment sounded harsh, it was by no means meant that way! In my mind "reveal your identity" was being said in my best game show host voice! πŸ™‚

  3. >No problem, I didn't take offense and I give Mel a lot of credit wanting to teach I am glad there are still people like her that want to help kids even if the government doesn't care any longer

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