>April First…I’m NO FOOL!

>I hate April fools. I don’t like to fool…I don’t like to be fooled. However, I love April 1st!

April 1, 2005 is the day I jet planed it to Cali! I can’t believe I’ve only been back to Mississippi twice since then (calm down…we are coming in November!). I’m so thankful that Michelle persuaded me to come out for a “visit” and to never leave…I’m exactly where I want to be and couldn’t dream of anything else.

On a less than mushy note: I’ve been a blogger for an entire MONTH!

By the way – have you guys seen Julie & Julia? I don’t understand why my blog hasn’t taken off like hers OR why you guys haven’t sent me all kinds of goodies…I’m just sayin! hee hee!


2 thoughts on “>April First…I’m NO FOOL!

  1. >LOL…I have seen Julie / Julia…it made me want to start a blog too. I think that you need to get all crazy and self-centered before the real glory happens though! At least that's what happened in the movie.

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