>I’m seeing green (and pink!)

>Melissa called me at work to tell me that I needed to pick up a package from the leasing office on my way home. While en route I realize it should be the BABY BOOK Mel’s mom ordered for Little Miss Cotton!

We finally decided on the Baby Memory Book by Tessera – it’s kiwi green and the cover is leather! (They had a pink one but the cover wasn’t leather and it didn’t look as nice!) It came from babysakes.com, they have several options for same sex parents, single parents and adoptive parents!

(click photo for larger image)

So, I grab the box and panic – the box was HUGE! Have you ever seen the Martha Stewart scrapbooks at the craft store? They are 18×18…HUGE! That’s what I was imagining we had chosen and all I could think was “Crap, this isn’t going to fit on the book shelf!”.

False alarm, it’s the perfect size! We’ve already filled in some of the pages and I need to add some ultrasound photos! I will give our child a mostly complete baby book…she doesn’t really care who the World leaders were when she was born, does she?


5 thoughts on “>I’m seeing green (and pink!)

  1. >No, but only because I hate all the blank spots. And what if she drops out her last year and I'm forever reminded of what a disappointment that was by the forever empty slot in the frame…haha

  2. >That sure looks like a bright green on that baby book. Will it fit in with the baby room decor or will it have to be a coffee table book? Most people like to look at baby books so for awhile a coffee table book might be nice. Just kidding

  3. >Hooray! I'm so glad you found a baby book you like and already started filling it in. Your baby is descending from Mel so she may actually like to know who the world leaders were when she was born. She's going to be super smart after all!

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