>The case of the earless bunny…

>I forgot to tell you that Melissa failed her first test ever! Her glucose test! Although she swears she studied, she failed and is required to take the three hour test next week. She’s extremely perplexed that they have to draw blood three times and that she only has two arms…

Before she can take the big test she has to go on a high carb diet which, is going to be a little difficult for someone who is allergic to wheat. She’s stock piled the kitchen with every fruit imaginable and has had to give up her addiction of candy. Yes, I know candy has a lot of carbs…but she is only allowed something like two teaspoons of refined sugar a day.

There’s no question on why I’m overweight…I love chocolate…milk, white, cake, candy, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered chocolate…you get my point? Mel on the other hand typically prefers her candy to be hard/sour, until she got pregnant that is…

End of the day conversation:

Mel: I walked around the mall today…
Dar: Oh yeah? Did you buy me anything? {grin}
Mel: No, I got stalked by the employee of the maternity store and then…
Dar: Then?
Mel: {sad sigh} The See’s Candy kiosk was out in the mall since Easter is this weekend…
Dar: Ok?
Mel: All those bunnies were saying “Mel bite my ears off…” {hangs head in shame}

Let’s hope she can make it through the week and pass her glucose test on Monday! Study hard babe!


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