>133 (ish) days to go…

>Hello to my avid readers! I know you are accustomed to having a new blog bright and early (Pacific Standard Time that is…) but today is the first day of our Spring II term and boy am I busy. My phone is ringing off the hook and our students are in a frenzy on this beautiful Southern California day!

So here are a few high points from the last few days…

  • 133 days (ish) until Little Miss Cotton arrives. It seems like so far away!
  • I made an appointment for the end of May to have a 3d/4d ultrasound done. Melissa thinks the 4d makes babies look like aliens…and she is REALLY {insert sarcasm} excited to have a room full of people around while she’s getting goop rubbed all over her tummy! I tried to tell her no one is going to look at her all they want to see is Little Miss Cotton!
  • Baby C got her first box of loot from Grandma Sue (Mel’s mom) and she now officially has more clothes, socks, and shoes than Melissa and I do…
  • We are officially behind on the laundry because we have so many baby clothes and maternity clothes to be washed!
  • Boston and Orion still aren’t sure about what’s going on with all the new smells (i.e. clothes, mattress, and all kinds other baby stuff that has made it’s way into our apartment.)

I think that’s it for now…sorry today was a little BORING! I hope to be back to my normal blogtastic self tomorrow!


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