>Do babies have gills?

>I always joke that to grow up in the south you have to come equipped with gills because it’s so humid it’s like living under water. I, of course, do not actually think babies have gills but, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be cool!

End of the day chit chat…

Dar: Babe, I don’t under stand why the baby doesn’t drown….
Mel: Well, babies lungs don’t develop until the end of pregnancy.
Dar: Right…but how do they breathe?
Mel: I assume she gets all of the oxygen she needs from the blood shes stealing from me and through the umbilical cord…
Dar: Oh…that doeeees make sense…

By no means am I an unintelligent person. However, I REALLY need to learn to think and then speak.

I could keep this stuff to myself but then you guys would get bored with me and I think I’ll learn my lesson faster if I have to suffer the sheer embarrassment of the inter-webs knowing my secrets!


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