>Registration in progress..

>Well, now that we know we are having a girl we are in full blown picking, planning, and preparation mode! We have finally chosen the furniture and ordered it! I’m waiting on the bedding to arrive so I can pick paint and try my hand at making the cute little letters!

We did our baby registry this week. What a nightmare! Babies R Us should have mastered the baby registry process at this point. Our items didn’t show up online so I had to call. Apparently the gun malfunctioned during the upload and had to be reset. Finally everything was uploaded and EVERY item we added in the store was showing up as “available in store only”. Because we know a lot of our family and friends like to shop online we had to delete and re-add every thing we added in the store so it would be available online. What a pain…why did we even bother going into the store again? We’re also doing a registry at amazon…that was much easier!

Our first baby essential arrived today – the vibrating mattress! It will be a few days before the crib arrives, I have a feeling the mattress is feeling a little lonely all by itself!

I’m going to take “before” pictures today so I can show you guys the room makeover. I wish I had thought to takes photos before the room was empty or we had the carpet cleaned! I also meant to document Mel and I using the gun at Babies R Us…man…

Side note, I had my lap band adjusted this week. The adjustment went much smoother than last time. I definitely feel like I have restriction on my stomach now, I can only eat a few bites at a time. So standby for major weight loss!!!


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