>Shoot, darn and crap…

>By no means am I a sailor but, on occasion I use words that aren’t suitable for those under 12 (or maybe 20…). However, it’s been brought to my attention that as we prepare for Little Miss Cotton’s arrival that I need to prepare by slightly altering some of the words I choose to use when angry, irritated or just plain pissed (err..ticked?) off.

The end of the evening conversation –

Dar: So, it’s like 7th grade and I’m limited to piss and hell?
Mel: Yep
Dar: Damn
Mel: NO!

Melissa says that she will be very upset if our little girls first word even resembles “douche bag”, which is my preferred descriptive word regarding the majority of drivers in California.



4 thoughts on “>Shoot, darn and crap…

  1. >hee hee, we fessed up before little girl S was born that we would probably teach both of those kids most of the bad words that they learn. Turns out they've picked up a few from other sources as well. When C.J. was about 3 or 4 we were stuck at a red light with a car in front of us. After a while she says to me "mommy, call that man an idiot" to which I said "why?". Her response was "so the light will turn green and we can go!". That's when it occured to me how often I said while driving "come on you idiot, the light is green, let's go".

  2. >Well it sounds so odd coming out of a little kids mouth that you cant help but laugh…i can still remember little boy S saying "OH SHIT" in the car…it took all my self control not to laugh at him…That's hilarious about CJ!!

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