>love birds…

>I think Melissa has FINALLY chosen the furniture she likes for the nursery! In addition to pregnancy brain she has also become very indecisive! (I don’t have a photo of the bed…but I know it’s white…well last night when she said “OK I’ve picked a bed” it was white…It may be lime green today! Love you babe!)

Here’s the little birdy bedding we’ve chosen (it’s called Banana Fish Love Bird) and I love it! The first time I showed it to Mel she said “eww I hate birds” and the last time she said “oh that’s cute”… I asked her what changed her mind and she said “Oh I just made my firefox task bar cute little birds like those!”…

Of course, Mel hates pink and I love it (gasp!) however, since the bedding is pink the walls won’t be…which I think makes her very happy!

I’m also going to put this tree on the wall…somewhere in her room!

I’m starting to run out of things to share with you guys…any questions? I’m like an open book!


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