>Letters with a side of extortion?

>I’ve been on the prowl for cute letters to make Little Miss Cotton’s name out of to go over her crib.

I found some that I really like today! I was then kicked swiftly in gut when I saw the price tag, $21.95 PER LETTER (HOLY MOLY!) so, I’m going to take a trip to the craft store and attempt to make my own equally adorable version…I’ll let you guys know how that goes…
I wont say that I’m not crafty at all…but I’m not sure how well this will turn out!

Melissa has suggested that I extort our friends and family. She says that to raise money for the overly adorable (and painfully priced) letters I should charge $5 per letter of the babies name! Of course, the evil pregnant woman that she is also said that I would not be allowed to give the letters in order! (Put away your checkbook Michelle, she was only kidding!)

Side note: For my pregnant friends who can afford $21.95 per letter – please buy them here!
They have some super cute little boy letters as well!


7 thoughts on “>Letters with a side of extortion?

  1. >ha ha, that's what we call Jess's best friend. her name is actually Kelly, but now she's just K to us. You really won't be able to find one that people can't alter.

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