>I think I’m still in shock

>The blog catchall….I have a lot to tell you guys today…I’ll start with the “bad”ish news first and then hit you with the ultrasound details!

Now that we know the gender EVERYONE wants to know her name and EVERYONE has suggestions on what her name should be. We havent really decided on a name for sure, there are lots of girl names that we like and once we do decide we arent telling anyone. I know…it pains me to tell you this too but, there is a certain pregnant someone who really wants it to be a surprise and well honestly she doesnt want to hear your opinions on how much you hate the name we fall in love with! I realize it totally stinks! I even tried the “but…I’ve got a blog I need content and my readers need to know the name…”approach and failed. Sorry…

Moving on…

For so many months (even before conception) I’ve been dreaming of pinks, purples, hair bows, dresses, and these super cute Mary Jane tights! (Mary Jane socks also exist!)

So in addition to my paranoia yesterday I was really scared that the ultrasound tech was going to say it’s a boy and I would react in a less than excited manner. Don’t get me wrong I would have loved a boy just the same but, since this is the only little one we plan on having, I’ve been REALLY hoping for a girl! Melissa, in her typical calm, cool and collected manner claims she didn’t have any preference…I think she may have secretly wanted a boy but, since I’ve been chanting “please be a girl” to her belly since November she may have been keeping that opinion to herself.

So the tech starts measuring the head, and moving around and with no pomp OR circumstance announces “IT’S A GIRL!”…and I then I squealed like a little girl! YAY!

Prior to our appointment I threatened Melissa with being tickled if she didn’t eat/drink something sugary before the ultrasound…I’ve waited 20 weeks, there’s no way Little Miss Cotton was going to sleep through this! Funny thing, the baby was really wiggly from the Jamba Juice Razzmatazz that Mel drank and there was sugar in Mel’s urine…which displeased the doctor. Oops! (I took full blame!)

On the bright side when I scheduled the 3d/4d ultrasound the lady said “we can only recommend she have juice before the ultrasound but if you know of something that wakes the baby up we want them moving around!”…I think we know!

Thank you guys for all the congratulatory comments via Facebook! (Mel was sad to hear they were all on FB, she was totally prepared to stalk you guys on here!) and a special shout out to Baby Cotton’s favorite aunt, Kat, who already has the ultrasound photo hanging in her cubicle at work!


5 thoughts on “>I think I’m still in shock

  1. >Congrats to both of you. Little girls can be so much fun to dress and shop for. I was wondering if you were going to tell her name or not. Well just another surprise for all your readers.

  2. >telling ahead of time can backfire. For months Alex's name was going to be Joshua Ryan. 3 days before his birth I decided to change it to Alex, don't remember why, just did. We neglected to inform my ex's parents. When Jeff called them to tell them of his birth, he only said it's a boy, he's 8lbs 8oz. Proud grandma went to work the next day and announced that little Josh had finally joined us. She was very unhappy with me for a very long time because it made her look like such a bad grandparent because she didn't even know his name.

  3. >I love the suspense…but you should know that for lack of a better name I will be referring to her as little miss cotton ball. I am so glad you are blessed with the beautiful little girl that you've wanted for so long! Now the knowledge of how to make those little hairbows will pay off too. 🙂

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