>PANIC has set in…

>Melissa and I have two very different ways of approaching new things/information. She’s cool, calm, and collected and she assumes that only the best possible outcome is even a possibility. I, on the other hand worry, panic, assume the worst and imagine every possible thing that could possibly go wrong. Before my surgery in December I was convinced I was going to die on the table and of course Mel was like, “I wonder where I could have breakfast while you’re being cut open”.

So, while I am super excited about today’s ultrasound, I’ve also made myself go a little crazy, not that I had far to go. Keeping in mind we haven’t seen the little jelly bean since it was…well jelly bean shaped…

Cue last nights conversation:

The Scene – laying in bed talking.

Dar: I’m a little nervous about the ultrasound…
Mel: Ummm why?
Dar: Well…what if we see something that’s “off”?
Mel: Such as?
Dar: What if the baby has 4 arms and 6 legs???
Mel: Well, then we are gonna need a lot of shoes…
Dar: Babbbbbe…
Mel: You’re seriously paranoid…seriously…
Dar: I don’t know why you’re never nervous…

End Scene.

Stay tuned I’ll be posting ultrasound pics later today so you guys can make one final guess before we announce the gender!!!

Keep your fingers crossed Baby Cotton cooperates!


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