>I told you so!

>A few weeks ago Melissa and I started cleaning out the closet in the babies room and today we were finishing up the project. So, the carpet has been cleaned, the room is completely empty and the closet contains only baby stuff. We are almost ready for paint and furniture!!!! (Click photo to enlarge)

We went through a box of photos we got from Melissa’s parents when they were moving a few years ago and LOW AND BEHOLD we find Melissa’s baby book!

Now, I don’t like to say “I told you say”, OK that’s a complete lie, I LOVE being right. If you remember a few posts back I told you that Melissa claimed not to have a baby book, and I doubted her claim. As the baby of the family it is, as we expected, about 60% filled in. Which is amazing considering how far down the line she is!!

I would also say that the price of the baby book has stressed me out…but even Melissa’s book from 1981 was $9.95….

Melissa’s mom emailed saying they were going to get the baby book for us. Something about Grandparents have the right to justify just about anything!

I think Melissa is even a little excited about the book now that she’s gotten to look at hers! Of course she now has questions on how she didn’t have the traditional smushed baby look that most babies have considering how petite her mom is!


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