>Melissa thinks she is a little person…

>A little Friday humor…

Melissa and I watch a lot of reality television. We especially watch a lot of reality shows about little people (i.e. Little People Big World, The Little Chocolatiers and most recently Our Little Life, Which started as Little Parents First Baby). Melissa comes in at 5’5, but I seriously think all the little people shows have caused her to think she’s 4’0.

We went to a store known for selling baby gear…(they also have a toy store…) this weekend because I’m still on a mission to find a baby book. While we were there we strolled through the store, checked out some bedding, cribs, strollers, swings and high chairs. No major looking…just browsing…

As we were leaving we have this conversation:

Mel: Maybe we should get the high chair that just sits on a chair.
Dar: Umm…we only have two chairs at our table…
Mel: Yeah, but I dont want to have to stand to feed the baby…
Dar: Babe, high chairs are traditionally table height.
Mel: That one comes up to my shoulder…points at high chair.
Dar: {Blank Stare}
Mel: What?
Dar: Babe…all the high chairs (like all the strollers we were just playing with!) are on platforms…
Mel: Ohhhh….{hangs head in shame and walks away}

Gave me a good chuckle!

I have two possibilities for baby books…I’ll keep you posted!


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