>Baby Book Blues…

>So here’s your daily dose of baby…

I find the baby book to be an important thing. Not only for the baby to look back on one day…but it will do two things for me:

1. Give me a place to keep up with all the memories that I don’t want to forget.
2. Give me something to do while my partner is creating life.

Melissa says she doesn’t have a baby book. While I don’t know if this is true (she’s not the most observant) I could see where she wouldn’t – She is the youngest after all.

I on the other hand am the oldest and I have a baby book and I want my child to have a baby book.

I realize that my family is “non-traditional” and my baby book needs are a little different. However, THIS IS CALIFORNIA! Where are all the crafty baby book making gays?

If you’re thinking to yourself, just take out the daddy page, it’s not that easy. “Daddy” is EVERYWHERE throughout the book…so it would look horrible.

I know that BabySakes has baby books for “special families”. For the most part, the books are really ugly. They have ONE that I like, but it’s $65 and I just can’t justify that. Nor would Mel allow me to justify that!

At the suggestion of Mel’s best friend I even tried Etsy…land of the cute handmade stuff! I did find one that I like there as well…she hand makes them so I could make the necessary changes…but I’m not sure if Mel will go for the $50 price tag either!

For your own safety DO NOT SUGGEST I MAKE MY OWN! I’m a scrapbooker NOT a miracle worker.


6 thoughts on “>Baby Book Blues…

  1. >I don't think making your own will be all that difficult. You may not be technical (man, that never gets old), but you're CRAFTY as all get out. Stop being a wuss, and get yo craft on!!!Side Note:Rose O'Donnell is a craft queen. She should be made aware of this situation, so it can be rectified asap.

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