>a realization..3 months too late…crap

>Be advised: This post has nothing to do with babies. It’s all about me (insert evil laugh here…)

So cue Toby Keith…I wanna talk about me…wanna talk about my…wanna talk about number one on my me my….

I’m sure most of you don’t know that I had lap band surgery mid December. All went according to plan – I now have this cute little adjustable band around my stomach that has only one purpose in “life” help me eat less and lose weight (I’ve lost 42 lbs since December 1). I tell you that, to tell you this…

I’m an idiot and should really learn to follow directions!!! I had to go to no less than 20 meetings before surgery to make sure I understood what I was getting into and the rules to follow before and after and there are a lot of rules…but there are only a few really key ones!

Key rules:

  • Weigh your food
  • Eat slowly and chew really well ( or food will get stuck in your band)
  • Take a multi-vitamin (bc I’m not eating as much I really need the vitamins)
  • Take biotin (it’s the stuff in your pre-natal vitamins that make your hair and nails grow like crazy)

Biotin and the multi vitamin are supposed to help keep your hair attached to your head but, apparently they only work if you actually take them. So I noticed on Tuesday that my hair is everywhere. Rapid weight loss causes hair loss…who knew! Oh that would be me, I learned it in one of my many mandatory meetings.

Here’s the thing- I take the multi-vitamin about 30% of the time. Which makes no sense, they taste like gummy bears for crying out loud and since I love sugar and get very little these days (protein first…) you would think I could remember to eat the “candy”. On the other hand, I’ve remembered to take the biotin three times and that would be tuesday night when I realized my hair was falling out at an alarming rate,yesterday morning when I wrote this, and this morning because I’m posting this. Can you tell I’m panicking and convinced I’m going to be bald by Sunday.

Idiot idiot idiot!

Maybe I’m just shedding my winter coat like Orion?

(Side Note Regarding Photo: I like to think the band is chocking the top of stomach and saying “YOU WILL NOT LET HER EAT TOO MUCH!!!!! in a really intimidating voice…you know if inanimate objects could talk)

Second side note: Next week I have to have my band adjusted (it’s not tight enough…) to adjust it they put fluid in through the “port” that’s just under the muscle in my abdomen…to do this they use a needle that’s seriously 10in long. I’ve had it done once and it was not good, they spent an hour trying to find the port by repeatedly jabbing me with said needle…I’m really hoping the second fill (now that they have an idea of where the dr. put the port) will go much better!


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