>Expansion in progress…

Not the blog…the mommy!

Mel is starting to get the faintest little baby bump!! (It’s pretty adorable if I do say so…).

Last week Baby Cotton started to develop a cheese like gunk to keep him/her from being pickled by the amniotic fluid! (GROSS!) His/her arms and legs are proportionate to the rest of the little body and he/she has functioning kidneys! Where does that urine go??? (gross again!) OH – the baby should also start hearing noises from outside the womb this week! Baby Cotton can cover his/her ears with his/her hands (how cute is that?) if the sounds are too loud and may even “jump” if any sounds startle her.

Gosh I’ll be glad when there’s no more of this his/her crap! Less than a week and we should know the gender!!!

It’s a good thing Mommy is starting to expand…from the looks of it Baby Cotton is getting a little cramped in there!


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