>Child Care…

>Whoa…for all of you non-parents out there that have no clue about the cost of child-care let me tell you what I’ve learned…

I personally had no idea what nightmares something as simple as child-care would cause me. Everyone always says “If you wait until you’re financially ready you will never have kids…” so, I’m well aware that kids cost money but, in my mind I anticipated things like diapers, formula (if need be) and other baby essentials. I never in my life imagined that child-care would cost almost as much as we pay in rent for a apartment. For those friends/readers who don’t live in Southern California – let me put this into perspective for you. When I was in college in Tennessee my roommates and I rented a huge 4 bedroom house, with a basement and a huge yard for $550 a month, so I see where you might think “oh daycare isn’t that much”. However, we are talking $250 – $350 PER WEEK! (yes you read that right $1000 – $1400 per month)…oiy!

Michelle uses a nice lady that Steven and Savannah adore and we could pay her per day and it would cost a little less. Of course, I have a heap of concerns about this option as well.

My primary concerns are she doesn’t speak English and she doesn’t drive. I like the idea of Baby Cotton being submerged in a second language and in turn learning Spanish. However, I do not like the idea of not being able to communicate the babies needs to her (and the fact that she couldn’t communicate any problems to me). Could someone send me Rosetta Stone-Spanish edition please…. Of course, not driving and being able to get help if she needed it is also a stresser.

My next concern isnt one that would be immediate. We would really like for daycare to be a learning enviroment (I know a 6 week old wont be learning much) not just mindless play and definitely no television. Under no circumstance am I saying that S & S dont learn anything there but, I can only assume there’s no structure or planned curriculum.

The no television aspect is just a personal choice. I’ve read alot about television being bad for children before a certain age and I dont want to shove Baby Cotton in front of an electronic baby sitter afterall, this will be our only baby, surely we can entertain it…right? I would like to reitterate, I’m not saying the child will never watch television, I would just like it to be at our discretion (i.e. beyond a certain age and at a minimum). OF course, all things are easier on paper (err…blog)…

Keep the hate mail to a minimum, I am not judging you if you let your kiddos watch television!

It would seem Melissa and I would both need second jobs…of course that would just create a need for more child-care. Good grief…


15 thoughts on “>Child Care…

  1. >Here, day care runs about $100-150 a week a think, so by the time you figure in the cost of living difference, that sounds about right….yeesh.So what's the plan?

  2. >Right now there is no plan. I wish I could work at home for a few months (logistically I totally could…) but, I doubt that's gonna happen…Without a doubt our budget will be getting a new structure!

  3. >Dar – I have the rosetta stone spanish levels 1-3. and 2 jobs is the death to your life, trust me. Remember not seeing my face? Imagine your child going through that.

  4. >I so can't wait to see where you end up with the tv watching in a couple of years ( I remember Michelles feelings on that pre birth). I totally understand the theory and the reasoning and believe that it is doable, but not always realistic. When mine were little we were in a church that frowned on tv, so my options were limited and I was a stay at home mom (it's a wonder we all survived). Once I left the church and my ex, life became so much easier. Sometimes an animated distraction is worth more than all the world. It can also be useful in bringing up topics of discussion when kid(s) get older. On the child care issue, best of luck. Even if you find the perfect place, it won't be easy to let baby go.

  5. >Lisa, are they CD's can I put them on my iPhone?Rae – I know! I realize that it'll be hard…but I hope we can stick to it! For the first few years at least! I really have no problem with cartoons and tv – I just hope i can make it 3 years! (the real kicker is that I love TV! haha)I know it will be hard…at least Mel will be home for 6 weeks…

  6. >Sorry had to edit some typos to removed the last post. Here it is. . . . a long one.I was in agreement with really limiting television the first year but trust me if it makes them sit still for just a half an hour (once they are toddlers) you will change your tune; not to mention you will go stir crazy, one can only baby talk for so long! It was easy to keep them away from it for the first few months but eventually they move all over the place. We do the learning thing and then they get bored with that so it can't be all learning all the time. Also Mr. S is learning a lot from the educational programs, Sesame Street etc. I don't think it is so much the elimination of television but more the type of programming you allow them to watch. Of course now with Ms S it's hard to limit it around her because of Mr S. By the way our sitter speaks English though sometimes there are issues with communication. If I have questions I call one of her daughters and have her translate or talk with her son or husband. They are used to translating. I also take advantage of my Spanish speaking co-workers. You should see me ask my male Spanish speaking partners at work discuss the consistency of my kids bowel movements. . . .hysterical!!! Mr S understands Spanish perfectly and even is speaking some.I did take over Spanish and English books there, as well as puzzles, Lego’s, crayons etc. so there is some learning and definitely television, but certainly not like the structure in a preschool environment. We will likely start sending Mr S to preschool across the street from the sitter it we don't find them a new place closer to our home (more outside park time!).Our sitter certainly loves our babies like her own grandbabies.Don't know if this helps you or not. . . .Good luck! Those decisions kept me up at night for months and still do!!!!!

  7. >lol. Dar its a program for the computer and as far as I know wont work on an iphone.But, I do have them, and Yeah Michelle, I'll figure out how to burn it all.

  8. >Bruin – I did tell someone on a different feed that all my friend with children were going to be laughing at all of our "good intentions". I honestly have no problem with television…I just want to put it off for as long as possible. I don't think kids need to watch in the car unless it's a really long car ride and they don't have to watch everyday!I also don't think learning will take place 24/7…I'm not that unrealistic! I would be no too pleased if you guys told me we were going to study all day!Glad to hear she speaks english…we shall see…it's a scary little path…I still vote you retire and keep your two and mine!!!

  9. >I can translate whenever and where ever you need. My cell phone number is free to use!Also, I do believe that the government gives you tax reimbursement for child care, and it's a pretty substantial amount. I know that won't help you for the first year, but you might want to look in to that.

  10. >Darce – When I first moved to the OC from L.A. county I was paying well over $1100 per month in child care. That was for an elementary school aged child (before and after school care) and a toddler. I have to say that as stressful as that is, you always find a way to pay it so that your child is taken care of. If you decide to go with the Spanish speaking Nanny, I will also be more than happy to translate for you. Did you know I am bilingual? You and Mel can call my cell anytime. I think you have it, if not let me know and I will email it to you. And know that the thought of child care stresses all Moms out. Just trust your gut instinct. Mine has never let me down. My kids have been very fortunate to have both in home child care and preschool child care. You just have to find the right one for you and your family.Hang in there Sweetie! There is nothing stronger than a Mother's love which often times does cause her to stress over things. Trust me. haha

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