>pumpin nothin but bass…

>Now that Baby Cotton is on the way I’m a little more sensitive to the noises our neighbors make (of course our amazing property manager Anesa seems to have remedied the loud music problem, it’s been very quiet lately!!!) like our next door neighbors that like to yell and/or blare music or our upstairs neighbors who have feet made of concrete!

However, today I realized that I may only be the ripe old age of 29 but apparently that’s old enough to be bothered by music at home OR in my car. I under no circumstance want to hear your blaring music (ever) and I actually find it annoying when a car pulls up next to me at a light and their bass causes my car to shake. Of course I realize that six short years ago I was probably one of those people who played the music in my car as loud as I could and survive, oh college you seem like so long ago!!!

Maybe my hearing is more sensitive (that happens as you age right?) or maybe I’ve picked up one HLM’s traits. Let’s hope it’s the only one I’ve picked up.

Now I primarily listen to country music (and occasionally some pop) and writing this blog made me get this song (Holler Back by Lost Trailers) get stuck in my head…I’m so not in tune with the kids these days!!!

I got a city folk friend in a hip-hop world
He goes by E. Diddy but his name is Earl
Cocks his hat to the side in his Grandma’s ride
Pumpin’ nothin’ but bass

He says things like, ‘Dawg, are you down with that’
And, ‘Don’t that fly girl got some back’
And I feel so doggone outta place

When he says,
‘Holler back when you get back home’
I say, ‘The only holler back that I know is’

In that holler back in the woods
Where the country folks got it good
Homebrewed, homegrown
Where the wild seeds ‘a get sown
It’s a blast from the past
All the cowgirls shakin’ their sassafras
Let out a howl if ‘ya feel like ‘ya gotta
If you wanna go on back to the holler
Holler back

Gosh who knew I’d be so old at 29…


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