>the red headed step cat…

>I feel as though I should tell you that today’s blog topic was Mel’s idea and by no means am I bitching about the additional things I am now required to do…well maybe one of them but that’s it, I swear!

You may think that just because I’m not carrying Baby Cotton that I have it easy. Well let me tell you: I disagree! I might not have it has hard as Mel…but things are changing and keeping this momma to be busy!

My friends who don’t have kids seem to think that because Melissa is pregnant that she is disabled. I mentioned Mel doing laundry and felt like I was being questioned for mistreating her! She’s pregnant not disabled and she is still more than capable of doing laundry (for now)!

Last year we found out that Mel is allergic to wheat, shrimp, and scallops (and other non food items). She doesn’t have celiac disease, she just has a wheat allergy (and the shell fish). Do you know how many things that cuts off of our dinner menu? Or how many places we can no longer eat? Did you know many restaurants inject there chicken with wheat as a filler (eww!)? My point is, now that Mel is pregnant there are even more things that she cant eat: No deli meat, no nitrates (i.e. bacon…), no soy sauce (it really should be called wheat sauce…) and no raw fish (not that she was a huge fan anyway). Did you know that most seasoning packets (gravy, taco seasoning…etc) have wheat? Do not fear, I’m nowhere near starving but I won’t lie, it’s a little frustrating! (I’m fairly certain Michelle is going to lose her head trying to plan a menu for the baby shower)

We typically try to split cooking dinner but last night little miss pregnant informed me that she couldnt wait until her belly was too big for her to reach the STOVE!

I’m always in charge of taking the trash out because Melissa struggles to get it out of the can (weak!) and when she puts the bag back in it looks more like a balloon than a trashbag (she can’t grasp letting the air out!).

However, now that she’s pregnant all heavy lifting is left to me. Which I dont really mind, I am “strong like ox”. Sometimes Mel likes to pretend she can help. (No dear, you cannot pick up the 5 gallon bottle of water!) This was really only a problem after my surgery when neither of us could lift anything!

Yesterday she informs me that she thinks she knows why my back has been hurting. She’s become a total bed hog because she’s sleeping with a massive pregnancy pillow! Not only is the pillow a snuggle blocker but she said she found me curled up in a little ball on 1/4 of our queen size bed. I think I can survive for 5 more months…

However, I’m not sure the cat will survive. I like the cat. I especially like the cat because he and the dog are friends and they play (like two dogs). I under no circumstance would choose a cat. So what I’m saying is Orion is like my red headed step cat. Did you know that pregnant women can’t be around feline feces? So that means the non-cat loving person is stuck with liter box duty. I’m considering limiting the cats food and water intake because I swear I’m changing that damn box every weekend!

All kidding aside I would honestly do anything she needed and I’m especially willing and ready while she’s creating life!! While it may really stink to limit the food that comes in the house and even exposure to the damn cat I’d do anything to keep her and Baby Cotton safe! 🙂

Have a great weekend! Only 9 days til we find out the gender!


6 thoughts on “>the red headed step cat…

  1. >so you're not a cat person. You're always welcome over, but you probably don't want to come in. A little perspective for you on the litter box. We have 10 and they have to be done at least twice a week. Of course we have the most wonderful ones ever (Litter Robot) so it's pretty easy. Oh, and limiting the food and water just makes em grumpy (which sometimes causes spraying, trust me on this one). ha haKitty and baby should be able to get along fine.

  2. >Honestly, I don't dislike cats. I dislike litter boxes! Orion definitely has his mischievous moments…but overall he is a good kitty!We have a box that rakes itself, but I swear he tinkles in the same spot every time he gets in there…and therefore the ammonia smell creeps out of his bathroom and insults my nose!

  3. >The Robot or shall I say robots are awesome; I've seen them in action. Rae also has these things called "Scat" they might be a choise for around the crib before the baby arrives!Yes I am going crazy trying to plan a baby shower. I was asking the owner of a BBQ place today if he has wheat in his BBQ sauce and he said Heinz ketchup is the base and that he doesn't add any. I asked him about the spices he rubs on the meat prior to it's entry into the smoker. Telling me that would be giving his secret recipe but said he does not add any wheat product. UGGGHHHH!!! Seriously I am just gonna put out a pile of bananas and a tower of gluten free cupcakes, maybe a veggie platter. 😦

  4. >Yeah a girl I went to H.S. with (who's about to finish vet school also suggested the scat mat…) I think we will try the tape and balloon ideas first…and see how that goes!

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