>Canines, Felines and Newborns…

>Today I’m researching how to animal proof the baby and how to baby proof the animals.

It’s no surprise to anyone who actually knows me that Boston our mini schnauzer is like my first born. He brings new meaning to (wo)man’s best friend, he makes me feel better when I don’t feel good and he’s happy to see me EVERY single time I walk in the room! I have a few concerns – mostly I fear the baby won’t be as well behaved as the dog. We (ok, Mel) spent a lot of time training him and he is absolutely an angel! Schnauzers aren’t known for liking small children and while Boston is far from aggressive he doesn’t really like loud noises or being poked, pulled, and prodded. I fear for my little dog as the baby gets bigger! I’m scared he is going to feel neglected when we bring Baby Cotton home and in my head he’s feelings are going to be very hurt! This makes me sad because he lives to please us and truly is so well behaved (he doesn’t even bark!).

So today I’m looking for ways to make this transition as easy as possible for the world’s most adorable mini schnauzer! I’ve heard to bring the babies blanket home from the hospital and let the animals smell it…but that’s kind of short notice, right? Here sniff this and get used to it – you’ve got 3 hours!

I’m not as worried about the cat adapting to the baby as I am keeping the cat out of the crib. He loves a nice closed in space and well I would really like for him to not cover the crib/baby in cat hair (eww)or smother Baby Cotton with his fat ass! Melissa suggested a crib tent which I think looks ridiculous and consider to be our last resort. I think we will try putting tape (sticky side up) on the mattress first…and hopefully he will learn to stay out of it! Someone suggested a screen door on the bedroom door…which might look equally crazy!

I realize that both animals will know things are changing when we start to work on the nursery. Melissa swears the cat already knows she’s pregnant. He has been quite verbal (can I call it verbal when it’s really just a lot of meowing?) with her lately, and more clingy than normal!

So, if you have suggestions on how you saved your baby from your cat or your dog from your baby send them my way please!

I like to have a plan. I’m a planner in all things from grocery shopping to traveling – there’s always some sort of list running in my head.


5 thoughts on “>Canines, Felines and Newborns…

  1. >Try filling the crib with balloons! Once you kid gets here Boston WILL become a pet. I didn't think it would happen with my first born Rookie (the scottish terrier) either but it did 😦

  2. >I know – when I was writing this one I thought of poor little Rookie! I just dont want the dogs feelings to be hurt! I know he will drop down a notch on the totem pole! Poor Pup!

  3. >Maybe Bitter Apple? But I think that stuff only works when they try to put things in their mouth. There's that…stuff that they put in outdoor candles that you can spray that keeps them away from the area, but I would check to make sure it's not going to do anything funky to the bebe.

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