>Canada, Korea, and Vermont?

>Can you believe I’ve been a blogger for an entire week?

I am having fun doing it and I’m also having fun giving people hell for not reading it! When friends ask me questions, that they would know if they were faithful readers, I simply reply “you sooo havent been reading my blog”!

However, my favorite thing is seeing where my readers are from! Honestly, I wish I could stalk you guys a little more and know more than your city/state/country info – because that doesn’t really tell me anything! (and for those super secret folks who show up as unknown or blank…well you just make me sad! You guys know I’m curious!)

I have a HUGE Canadian following…at least one reader per day (huge!) and Waterloo Ontario has visited several times – HI WATERLOO!

It’s especially pleasing to see visitors from states that I know no one (hello VERMONT!)…these strangers have no obligation to visit at all and it makes me happy!

Sorry real life friends, you’re obligated (LOVE YOU!) and that means you SOUTH KOREA…I’ve noticed you haven’t visited in sometime!

Ok – more baby stuff tomorrow!

Maybe I shouldnt blog when I’m sleepy!


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