>V is for Vaccine

>Melissa and I have an arrangement – I assassinate any bugs that cross our path (including spiders…eww) and she reads and researches anything I consider boring or too long for my attention span to handle (which I would likely only give a half assed skim at most) and she gives me the high points (i.e. political candidates pre-election, do’s and don’ts before/after surgery, and most recently she’s given me all sorts of information about our little one!)

So, I asked Mel to handle today’s blog – Vaccines. I know a few things about vaccines I had them (and I’m ok) and Jenny McCarthy is against them and Amanda Peet is for them. So you can see why I’ve passed Mel today’s blogging baton.

So here she is ladies (and maybe gentlemen) in her blogging debut:

This morning Darcie says to me “are you ready to be part of my blog?”
I’m thinking to myself, “what I’m not already the topic of conversation?”
I’m just starting to wonder what horrible story she’s about to share with the world when she informs me that I have to write a blog entry.

Am I not doing my part simply by creating the child for 9 months? Geez!
The wonderful topic she’s given me to write about, vaccines.If you want to be a troll and start some heated conversation bring up male circumcision or vaccines to a group of hormonal pregnant women. For anyone else these topics seem like non-issues.

Back to vaccines, we will vaccinate Baby Cotton because I don’t want him/her to be the start of the next great Polio outbreak. We will follow the traditional vaccine schedule which is something like 120 vaccines over two years or something insane like that. Until someone can point out research that is done in a creditable way with the new mercury free vaccines that says otherwise I will stick to my guns on that one.

The only thing I wish we could do differently is spread the vaccines out over a longer period of time which makes it easier to tell if a child is reacting badly to one specific vaccine. But alas, our poor small infant will have to be in day care at the ripe old age of 6 weeks and will need to have as much protection as possible from the other little gremlins whose parents thought it would be a good idea not to vaccinate.


9 thoughts on “>V is for Vaccine

  1. >You did not tell me it was a boring topic!Any maybe our non-parent friends dont have an opinion on vaccines. (and you know everyone has an opinion on baby names and my dysfunctional family!)

  2. >Vaccines are needed for every child that is going to leave home at any age.Just because in the US a lot of what babies get vaccinated for is not a problem, whats to say they won't come in contact with some one from a 3rd country ( or someone who was in a 3rd world country ) carrying the germ they weren't vaccinated for? Just something to think about.

  3. >The debate over the vaccines actually began back in the 1960s(?) when a scientist came out and said there was a connection between vaccines and autism. In the next few years, the scientists he worked with investigating the issue distanced themselves from him because they did not find him credible or his experiment reliable. However, parents, looking for someone/something to blame, took up his discredited baton and ran with it. Since his experiment (which in the later years of his life he actually said was incorrect and should not be given any credence), there have been numerous studies proving time and time again that there is no link whatsoever between vaccines and autism or any other long-term disease in children. This is not to say that some children don't have a reaction to vaccines, but they do not cause long-term mental damage.In conclusion: Get the child vaccinated! There really isn't any reason not to. =]

  4. >I vaccinated but would divide them up. If they were due for four, I would give two at the appt and schedule the rest due at that time for a couple weeks later. That way they weren't getting all four at once.

  5. >Thanks for the background info sugabunny. It's crazy how people can take one little piece of info and run with! I'm glad to know the background!Bruin – I'm sure we will do them all at once…mostly because we aren't sure where the baby will be doing daycare yet and what kind of germs are floating around out there…

  6. >Just bring baby to my house. He/she will get exposure to just about everything naturally! ha ha. Seriously though, my kids went through all of them on schedule and had no problems.

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