>The Name Game…


Choosing a baby name should be fun but honestly it’s hard! Some might think we are over thinking it, but I want it to be perfect!

Here are our “dislikes”.

  • We don’t like anything that can be shortened to just initials – TJ,BJ, DJ, KC…etc
  • We want our child to have a complete adult name. So we may really like the short name (i.e. Lexi) for when they are kids but, we don’t like the grown up name (i.e. Alexis/Alexa) and let’s face it I don’t want my child entering the professional world sounding like a 12 year old (or a stripper…).
  • We are trying to avoid names that could potentially be shortened to an insult or paired with our last name to become an evil taunt (Candy Cotton, Polly Cotton, Heaven Lee Cotton, Egypt Cotton, Ginny Cotton (Cotton, Gin), or any southern location -Georgia Cotton).
  • We don’t want the initials to spell anything negative (FUC or YUC).
  • We don’t want a crazy spelling that people can’t figure out.

Mel’s mom got us a book that is right up our ally. It’s direct and tells you all of the stupid things to avoid. We seriously could have written it. (Best Loved Baby Names and their meanings by Tracey Zabar) Her take on Make-believe names: “Don’t do it. It’s not cute, trendy, or nice. Just weird. Same with make-believe spelling.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine replacing an I or an E with a Y (Karen/Karyn), a C with a K or an S sound with a Z (i.e. Cruise/Kruz), I just don’t see the point in completely butchering a name to the point of it being unrecognizable.

As a person who grew up with a name that is not very common and definitely not spelled the more common way (Darcie/Darci/Darcy/D’Arcy) I know that it’s nice to have some individuality. However, it would have been nice to find my name on a pencil…I’m just saying.

And then there is the ridiculous crap that would never be considered. Here are a few from the baby board Mel is (always) on.

  • Jeap Rubycon (really?)
  • Jack Russell (woof)
  • Alyvia (really you can’t just spell it Olivia?)
  • Nevaeh (heaven backwards? Sounds so classless…just my opinion no hate mail please!)
  • Heaven Lee

What we know for sure it that Mel and I both like more traditional names. However, we don’t want our child to be one of 14 Masons in his kindergarten class. Now if we could only find one that met all of our criteria.

Hell, maybe we are over thinking it…I think we will go with Jeap Rubycon if it’s a boy and Polly if it’s a girl.


14 thoughts on “>The Name Game…

  1. >I also dislike when the first and middle name are used to make one name.For example:Emma Lee (if you like Emily use it)Polly AnnaPoor little baby is going to come out, and they won't let us have it because we won't be able to name it! But hey maybe I can be talked into Jeap

  2. >Thanks for your comment on my blog.. it cracked me up. I have a few folks here that will be willing to videotape the door-kicking… :)btw.. my nephew's name is Adam.. couldn't get simpler than that..right? He came home from kindergarten yelling at my sister for naming him Adam. She asked what was wrong with "Adam" and he responds "A-DUMB".. you can't win.. 🙂

  3. >I really think you and Mel are being a little silly about the name, no matter what you pick someone can and most likely will make a nick name out of it that you or Mel won't like, So just pick something you like and the baby can live with( and the baby can live with most any name the stars prove that).

  4. >HaHa Jen, you're so right!I agree babe – just use Emily! hee hee!I think I'm going to have to do away with this anonymous comment option – curiosity kills cats and darcies!We only plan to do this once – so we will pick and nit-pick until we have found the perfect name (for us!)and then be super pissed when someone comes up with a nickname we hate! ha!Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

  5. >I agree that names are important and applaud your methods. It'll be fun to see what people come up with. Just to share a cute story (of course about my own kid), my son Alex thought his middle name was Zanderreid until he was about 6. His name is Alexander Reid (both grandpas initials), but he was always just alex unless he was in trouble.

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