>I’m far from a blogging dry spell – but I am taking suggestions for blog ideas! Laura has suggested “NIGHT OF CONCEPTION” and was sad to find out it was more like 9 am at our sperm bank/fertility center. She was even sadder to find out it went nothing like Bette and Tina’s insemination.

Mel suggested our on going saga of choosing a name (we are no where close to choosing) – which I will do! However, I feel like I need the baby name book that Mel’s mom bought us so I can reference it and show you the full spectrum of craziness!

So submit your ideas people (err…person?) ask your questions and you shall (likely) receive an answer!

OH! I thought I would also share this little cartoon with you. If you know me – you know that my real best friend (sorry Laura) is Google. Google very rarely lets me down and pretty much always knows the answers to my questions. This cartoon is a very accurate description of my life (and yours!) before we met!


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  1. >Im really sad that I do not get notified when you post a new entry, and I usually read my blogs in the morning. Anyway.1) What made you choose the clinic place that you went to?2) What made you choose the donor that you chose?3) What are you most excited about to happen during this pregnancy?4) What color are you painting the nursery?5) Do you think Boston is going to be jealous?6) Is Mel going to breast feed? lol. 7) Who will be the one to change the most diapers?8) Why did you opt to not go home and put sperm in, and to choose to go to the clinic place instead for the sperm injecting party?9) Is there a high chance that the baby is going to be allergic to everything that Mel is?10) Can I be an Uncle?

  2. >Hey. Hey, remember your friend LIBRARY? Yeah, his little heart broke when you posted this. Also, I suggest Quin, so I can call the kid, "Dr. Quin, Medicine Woman," and it will be perpetually confused because they don't even play reruns of that show anymore.

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