>Brought to you by the letter B…

>BLOGGING – Yesterday I started this blog. I went home and said to Mel “honey, I’m a blogger…” (to which she replied “Ok?”). However, it would seem that I’ve decided to become a blogger at a very slow time in our baby journey. I wish I would have thought to do it while we were trying to concieve, talk about anticipation! (of course we didnt tell anyone…so I wouldve had no readers…hmm)

BABY – Mel’s next appointment isn’t for two and half more weeks (19 more days…but who’s counting?)- this of course is the appointment I’ve been waiting for since she uttered those beautiful words – “I’m pregnant!”- the 20 week ultrasound (*aka* when we should find out the gender). Now, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the baby doesn’t keep his/her legs crossed! Maybe I should not cross them…hmmmm. Of course, I’m also hoping for a beautiful healthy baby!

My point is – we are at a standstill. We don’t really want to pick out furniture, paint, or anything else until we know the gender. I know what you’re thinking – Geez Darc you’ve got months to do all of this. I know I have months but, I’m a planner and I like the accomplishment of completeing my plan and this baby preparation stuff should keep me busy until the baby is here to keep me busy! I’ve never claimed to be a patient person!

Mel’s sister did give us a baby beat heart monitor so I do get to listen to the heart beat once a week (Mel put a strict limit on my using the monitor…on the baby or myself!). So, I did get to listen yesterday…woosh woosh wooosh wooosh… ❤

BANANAS – As my facebook friends know, this week in addition to my become a blogger I’ve also become a banana eater! I’ve never liked bananas before but, since I can no longer eat toaster streudel (the breakfast of champions…overweight champions!) I needed something simple and healthy (ish)…so this week bananas won! (I’ve lost 40 lbs people and I plan to lose a lot more) Previously I felt that bananas had a weird texture – I no longer feel that way. I also think they are pretty awesome because I dont have to refridgerate them! (I wont eat an apple unless it’s cold!). Oh my gosh! I took this pic for facebook (you know to prove that I’m a banana eater…) I’ve determined it to be too phallic for facebook! It did make me chuckle when I saw it!

BALLROOM/BALLOONS – Mel thinks that since I’m already on a “B” kick this week I should add one more thing to my to my list of new things! She suggests I learn to make balloon animals (and other fun things). I’m thinking ballroom dancing but, let’s be honest-neither of those are even being considered! 🙂

OH! I also have two followers! Granted, they are my best friend since high school and my wifes ex (no it’s not weird) so they have an obligation to follow me… but none the less I am pleased!

So there you have it – I’m a banana eating, blogging, mother to be!


4 thoughts on “>Brought to you by the letter B…

  1. >wifes ex. Cant I have a new title by now? The best man from our wedding? or hell, even the friend that falls in and out of your life and you sometimes forget my face? Shhesh.Anywho. Ballroom Dancing. DO IT. I love that Mel put a strict limit on the baby monitor. You would be out of control! and, you did try it on yourself, didnt you? I can see it.mmm bananas. I have one ever morning, but I can say I am not phallic when I do it. =D

  2. >lol…OK you can be my friend who was the first to comment on my blog! HAAnd of course I tried it on myself (and now I do it once a week…come one over I'll let you hear!!) And she put me on the limit for two reasons: 1. she thinks I'm going to harm the baby and 2. she probably doesn't want me putting lotion all over her stomach and poking around on it every day! (you can see how selfish she is!)The banana pic is kinda phallic huh?

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