>To blog or not to blog…

I think blogging is cool, it’s trendy…and I want to be cool and trendy.

So this will be my attempt to tell you all of the ups and downs of expecting and being the “other” mother and soon the craziness of being parents but first, you’ll need some background.

Mel and I (Darcie) met in April 2005, only three weeks after I moved to California. Of course like all good gays we met online (or at the beach if you’re our friend Laura). We got married (just in the nick of time, thanks to California’s Prop 8) October 2008. After about a year of marital bliss we started trying to conceive! Whoever said the third times the charm – lied…it took us four frustrating tries before Melissa got pregnant! Now we are planning, cleaning out, making decisions all in anticipation of August 9!!!

It’s a little hard for me to think I’m old enough (29) and/or ready to be a mom but, then I consider the fact that my mom had four kids when she was my age…and well if she can handle four, surely we can handle one…right?

I hope that I keep up with this…that someone (yes I’ll settle for one reader) enjoys it or takes something from it! I hope that Laura doesn’t rip my grammar apart and I hope Mel doesn’t kill me for putting our business out there for the world (aka my one potential reader) to see!


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